You have probably seen adverts on TV that talk about “You could claim compensation” about an accident you had at work. However, there are potential complications i.e. at what point is an accident your fault and at what point is it something a company should be responsible for? In this article we are going to look at this and help you decide whether or not to make a claim.

A potential scenario

Let’s look at what on the surface may be a simple scenario but how it can be more complicated than it appears- someone goes into an office and slips on a wet surface, falling over and injuring themselves.

Let’s say for example, the person falling over was running and the wet surface they slipped on was coffee they had on them that they had spilled. That would be their fault and therefore even though the accident was unfortunate it would not be an appropriate time to claim compensation.

In another angle to this let’s say the person slips over on a wet surface that wasn’t their fault. However if there was a sign that said “Caution wet surface” and was clearly visible and the person wasn’t looking then you can’t claim either.

However, if there is no sign and you fall over and are injured then you could make a claim. That claim would be based on how badly you were injured and how long you were unable to work.

There may also aspects on how the company handled the injury- there should be a log book where the injury is recorded and there should be someone on hand to provide first aid.

Long term conditions

It is also important to emphasise that compensation is not just about problems caused by short term accidents. One example would be conditions caused by exposure to asbestos. This can take years and sometime even decades to become known but it is still possible to make a claim.

This can be made complicated in industrial environments were risk is a factor- however it is important for companies to make the environment as safe as possible and to have the correct health and safety procedures in place.

How much can you claim?

It is easy to misunderstand this- people may feel it is about chasing up money but ultimately what you claim depends on how your life has been affected. Essentially it is about claiming the amount that you would have earned if you were able to do your job. There may also be additional costs such as health costs and legal fees.

In short, this is something that can be very complex- if you are not sure whether or not you can make a claim you can contact us. We have experienced experts on hand who can look at your situation and advise what is the best choice to suit your situation. For more information look on our website so you can directly contact someone who can help you and discuss your claim in more detail.