The term “specialist” can sometimes put people off. It makes them think that this particular representative is exclusive and often “exclusive” equates to “expensive”. But this doesn’t have to be the case and it is worth knowing why you should consider using the services of a legal specialist.


Better chances of a positive verdict

First of all it needs to be made clear a legal representative should not guarantee you a positive verdict. However if someone specialises in a particular field then it is more likely this will happen as they will be able to put a better case for you because they are able to cite specific details rather than simply representing the case.


Specific training and experience

A person who specialises in a particular field will usually do so because that is their particular passion or area of expertise. In some instances this can come in very handy- for example medical negligence cases can be very difficult to prove, therefore it helps to have someone with specific experience in medical negligence.


Better access

A specialist will also be able to have access to facilities and people that another representative might not. For example if you are looking to get compensation for an injury they are more likely to be able to recommend specialist care through their connections.

This additional knowledge can also mean more relevant expert witnesses, a better knowledge of the subject when it comes to cross examination and also in terms of knowing specific details that may warrant further investigation.



In some cases the specialist goes beyond simply having a more in depth knowledge of a subject. There traditionally is a depiction of legal representatives of being cold and dispassionate. This is not always true, especially with regard to emotive subjects like divorce or child custody. In this instance having someone with experience to know how to handle the emotions of a case and be empathetic towards you can be as important as their legal knowledge.



A specialist will also be able to make clear what kind of a case you have and the chances of a positive verdict and this could potentially save you a lot of time, money and stress!


Making it clear

If you look on our site you will see that we make clear who are legal representatives are and what they specialise in. The contact details are for those people specifically so you can talk to them about your particular case.

Our philosophy is “big enough to specialise, small enough to care”. We not only believe in giving people the best chance of getting a positive verdict but at the same time offering emotional support and guidance that can often be necessary while going through a court case.


In short we are confident that we can offer a service that works on both the legal and individual level. For more information contact us today and we will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you.