Generally speaking when people think of law firms they tend to think of big offices with people wearing suits and generally being very powerful. However bigger isn’t always necessarily better- believe it or not there are advantages to using the services of a smaller legal team rather than the big names and here are the reasons why.

The right balance

Some legal representatives call themselves “solo firms”. While these are the best example of a small firm in the sense there is only one representative the risk is that there is only one person involved who can take your case. There is also the risk they may be less experienced than the team you can get from a small legal firm.

By contrast larger firms can feel a bit impersonal- you may feel that you are not getting the amount of time you need. With sensitive cases involving illness or family matters they can be very emotional and sometimes you need a bit more than someone going through a case in purely legal terms.


One of the potential problems of a larger firm is that they have a lot of cases to take on. Therefore you are not necessarily going to get a specialist that you need. With a smaller firm there are less people to handle cases and therefore the chances are you will get a specialist to take on your case (this is as opposed to a solo firm or a very small firm where they simply wouldn’t have the resources or experience to offer specialist representation unless it happens to be a field they particularly specialise in!

Fewer costs

This is just simple economics- fewer employees means fewer costs. This does not necessarily mean a smaller firm is without resources because they can bring in any paralegals or consultants as required.

It takes all sizes

Of course it also fair to say that we are speaking in fairly broad terms. There may well be larger firms that have a more personal approach and likewise there may be smaller firms with a conveyor belt attitude to cases.

However what is fair to say is that with a smaller firm you can generally get a better sense of what you are getting. The chances are the person you meet will be the person representing you or at the very least will be able to introduce you to the person representing you.

At Larcomes we believe in people being able to discuss their needs with us. This is why we have specialists on our team and people ready to get on the phone and talk about any issues they may have.

Our slogan is “big enough to specialise, small enough to care”. In other words like a lot of the best smaller legal firms we have enough experience on board and resources available to give you the best possible representation while at the same time having enough flexibility and care and attention that clients deserve. If you would like to know more about what we can offer you please contact us today.