There are a number of considerations to make before you choose a legal representative. It depends on both your personal circumstances and the type of representative you choose. In this article we will look at what is best for you.

Personal circumstances

This is not just in terms of money (although this will have an influence). Of course someone with a lot of money will be able to afford a more expensive legal firm than someone without it.

However it is not necessarily as simple as that- for example some larger firms may be open to negotiation and a smaller firm may not necessarily be appropriate for your circumstance either.

Equally personal circumstances can be emotional too- if you are going through a difficult divorce you may want someone who is a little more open and empathetic to help you deal with it, while for someone working with you as a legal representative in a business negotiation this may not necessarily be as appropriate.


The right size

The size of the firm will often affect the kind of representation you get, often in terms of the kind of person representing you and the amount of resources that are available to them.

Broadly speaking a smaller legal firm will be able to offer a more personalised service. A larger firm will have more resources and therefore you are more likely to have a legal representative who can specialise in your particular field you need them for (for example a representative who specialises in medical law for a medical negligence case).

Of course there may be firms of similar sizes. In this instance try to go to their premises in person- does it seem organised? Do they have good customer service? It is worth looking at this before making a choice.


The individual

Do you know who will be representing you? This is something you should be able to find out when first approaching a firm. They ought to be willing to discuss your case and how they will represent you. Their skills and experience are crucial- ideally you want someone who can prove that they know what they are talking about and will be able to represent you effectively.

However this is just not necessarily about qualifications- equally you want someone who is able to empathise with you and be able to discuss in terms you can understand. Ultimately it is about trusting your instinct- a legal representative is just that- someone who is supposed to represent you from a legal standpoint.


Why us?

It can’t be stated enough- Larcomes is about a balance between the advantages of both a smaller and a larger firm. Larcomes allows you to get easier contact with a legal representative while at the same time offering reassurance that the person representing you has the skills, experience and resources to do so effectively.

If you would like to know more and would like to discuss your case with Larcomes please contact us today and we will be happy to go over the options with you and help find someone who is best suited to your individual circumstances.