For decades, asbestos was thought of as a low cost, flame retardant material. Unfortunately, as we now know, it has been proven to be deadly, producing serious conditions that have been affecting people for decades. This is why companies not only need to take asbestos removal seriously but make sure it is done as effectively as possible.

Why it’s a concern

It is estimated that asbestos kills 5000 people a year. The difficulty is that once people are exposed to these fibres, it can be hard to diagnose, and once the condition has been revealed, it can be too late to treat it.

Where you find it

The material can mostly be found in both industrial and residential buildings constructed before the year 2000. There are six different types, so it is possible to find asbestos in roofs, floor tiles, gutters and drainpipes, both inside and outside.

Risk assessment

This is vital in establishing whether or not there is any asbestos on the premises. A risk assessment needs to be done before any construction work or renovations take place, allowing for any action that needs to be taken.

It is also important that the people doing the removal work take necessary precautions, both in terms of the safe removal and disposal of the material but also to make sure that any clothing exposed is properly disposed of and the workers involved in the removal process are protected.

You should also inform any employees who are working in the building. This will allow them to talk to a doctor and, if necessary, get any treatment.

We can help

It is important to make sure that the people doing the risk assessment have the right certification and competency in order to do the removal work.

You also need to check that all procedures are followed properly and any concerns are addressed.

If you are worried about potentially have asbestos in your home or premises and need legal advice on the process, please contact us today. We can guide you through what you need to do and make sure each step is followed properly and legally. Please contact us today, and we will be happy to put you in touch with an experienced legal professional.