Selling a property is something that requires care. It can lead to some dilemmas- do you complete repairs so that there is less work for a potential buyer to do, or do you lower the cost to make it more attractive for a buyer, so the buyer completes the repairs? Knowing factors like this can help to ensure your property gets sold.

A balanced approach

A tricky aspect is what you do in order to sell your home. On the one hand, you don’t want it to appear too much like a show home; people need to feel like it is being used and lived in. On the other hand, you don’t want the property to be too messy.

The simplest way to present your home for sale is to remove any clutter. Storage boxes can help to clear away items but is also a good way of removing anything unnecessary when moving away. While some things can be important, it is worth asking whether it is worth keeping that bread maker you only used once or toys that your children have outgrown.

While it is important to maintain the personality of a property, removing bulkier items of furniture or painting the house with a more neutral colour can add light to the property and make it more attractive to a potential seller.

Don’t forget the outside

Remember that the first thing buyers see is the outside of a property- therefore painting the front door, keeping the lawn neat and maintaining the garden can give people a positive first impression before they have even looked inside.

Be wary of smells

While the look is vital, you have to clear out any smells that could put a buyer off. However, this doesn’t mean just baking bread or using air fresheners! Clearing out gutters, drains, washing bins and opening windows can ensure bad smells are properly removed.

Consider conversions

Converting lofts or garages into guest rooms can be an option. This can mean that buyers won’t have to do it themselves and you could benefit from this. It is worth securing planning permission if you are considering doing this, even if you choose not to do this in the end.

Choose the right estate agent

You need to be sure that the person working on the sale knows what you want to do. As with any service, it is worth talking to a number of companies and asking them how they work. It is not just about the price of commission- you want to be sure that they are properly informed and can deal with any tricky questions a buyer may have.

Getting the right representation

Most crucially of all, you need to be sure that the sale goes through as smoothly as possible. One aspect of this is to have a legal representative that can take you through the process. We believe in providing the resources and experienced professionals you need, as well as the customer service you deserve. For more information or to discuss your legal situation in more detail, please contact us today.