In recent times renting a property has risen significantly. Increasingly younger people especially have found it harder to get on the property ladder and recent reports have suggested that in a few decades’ time the amount of renters will outnumber property owners.

Of course, what this means is that more people will have to be savvy about tenancy agreements and what they involve atorvastatin dose. As with any type of contract it is important to be aware of the content of the agreement and to make sure you understand it before you sign.31

Read the agreement

People reading this may think “Well that’s obvious!”

This is the problem – there is a difference between glancing over the basic details of an agreement and properly reading it. It may seem like you know what you are signing up for but inevitably there will be things you miss that are likely to be crucial later on.

For example, what type of maintenance will you be expected to do? Ironically your desire to be helpful and try to fix things could actually get you in trouble so be wary!


Is the price right?

Are you getting value for money from the tenancy? The reason this is worth considering is that you need to think about what you are paying for and what you could get elsewhere. For example, a tenancy with bills included can be very convenient and make it easier to know what you are paying month to month but it may be that if you lived elsewhere and put a cap on the utilities you use you could possibly save money.

Another thing to consider is the fees involved – while it may cost more to use the services of a lettings agency they can often be quicker at sorting out problems than a private landlord. However, some people prefer the close contact with a private landlord so ultimately you have to decide your own personal preference.

Also remember with deposits you need to ask what kind of account they use – there are strict rules on this!


Do you have an inventory service?

This is worth asking before signing any agreement – essentially this is where an independent company comes in and checks the state of the property before and after a tenant moves in. This is both for the benefit of the landlord and the tenant as they can clearly show if any damage has been done and whether a deposit can be returned or retained without a “my word against yours” argument.


Get some outside help

Details are a big thing for an agreement – it can be easy to sign up for an agreement where you could get kicked out at a moment’s notice without realising it. You need to be aware of what your personal responsibilities are (for example you may be expected to look after the garden area outside) and equally the landlord ought to spell out theirs too.

If you want to know more or would like some clarification on your agreement before signing it, please do not hesitate to contact us today.