What is the importance of leaving a Digital Legacy? 

In today’s world, digital legacy is something everyone should take into consideration. We depend more on technology than ever and use digital platforms and channels daily. Ignoring the importance of your digital legacy could lead to a real headache for close friends and family when you pass away. 

The average time spent online in the UK is 5 hours and 28 minutes per day, which include a large portion of time spent online using mobile devices – like websites and apps. The average person has over 80 passwords dispersed amongst their online accounts. 

It is becoming increasingly easy to think about your digital legacy as now it is possible to add these directions to your Will. Unfortunately, there have been previous case studies of families struggling to access social media profiles, publicly visible email accounts, or even online investments, which are no longer accessible since the passing of their loved ones.

What is Digital Legacy?

Digital legacy is the online information left behind about someone after they have passed away. This includes information on social media profiles, images uploaded to social media platforms, images on photo storage websites, and other profiles created by blogs, forums, gaming platforms, etc. Digital legacy can also include all the social media interactions you’ve had so far. This can range from instant messages to Facebook messages and tweets. 

Leading technology companies like Apple and social media platforms like LinkedIn are developing the announced digital legacy. The options have not been fully released yet but plans within these social media platforms and technology companies are underway. LinkedIn provides the service to request an approved and nominated individual with the option to access the deceased’s account and commemorate or close it.

Examples of Digital Assets

Digital assets come in two categories:

Category 1 – These are digital assets that have financial value, such as loyalty points, travel rewards, cryptocurrency, or other digital business assets (like domain names or usernames).

Category 2 – These are digital assets that have sentimental value. Examples include cloud storage, digital photos, videos, and social media accounts. 

It is essential for you to make use of your Executors and financial specialists and give them access to your digital assets, such as your businesses and online banking platforms; you should also remember the importance of the access your close friends and family to any form of digital media that you possess that may provide them with sentimental value.

If no thought is put into this, it could lead to lost family photos and memories and great difficulty in obtaining them. For the sake of your own peace of mind, you should protect your personal data, your privacy, and the privacy of your contacts. 

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