There are a lot of companies out there offering legal services. Choosing someone to represent you can be difficult. However, one massive factor that should be considered is whether or not the person is a legal specialist or a legal representative.

The difference

Technically, a person can represent themselves if they wish to do so. The problem with this is not having the background knowledge. It is also the case that you can hire someone to represent you in court who is not necessarily specifically qualified in the field of your particular case.

If someone is a legal specialist, then they will know the particular area of a case. A good example of this is a medical negligence case- this requires both knowledge of the medical field and the ability in order to prove that a medical professional has been negligent, something that can often be difficult to prove in court and therefore is something where you need the strongest case possible.


Another example of how a specialist representative can be beneficial is their particular resources. For example, in a personal injury case, it helps to have someone who can have access to medical professionals who know how an injury can be caused. This can be more complex in instances of injuries such as whiplash, as the symptoms may take more than 24 hours to become visible.

It can also be beneficial if you require specialist treatment, as they may be able to find people to provide this treatment and have that included as part of a compensation package.

The strength of the case

Another important aspect is being able to gauge the strength of a client’s case. A specialist is more likely to know whether or not their client has a high chance of getting a positive verdict (please note that a legal representative should not guarantee you a positive verdict as this is something that they should not promise you.) This will make it easier for you to decide whether or not you wish to pursue a case further.

We can help

At Larcomes, we strongly believe in matching up the right legal professionals to the right case. If you look on our website, you will be able to clearly see different people that you can contact and the areas that they specialise in.

Our motto has always been “big enough to specialise, small enough to care.” While we believe in having the resources to represent clients as strongly as possible, we also want to offer a level of customer services that people expect and deserve from a family firm. There is a misconception that legal firms do not care, but we strongly believe that people need support in what can be difficult times during a case.

If you would like to get in touch and find out more about what we have to offer, please contact us today, and we will be happy to discuss your case in more detail.