The fact is television, films, plays and so forth are all in fact stories. This means that people sometimes get misinformed about the real nature of lawyers and the work involved. To illustrate this here are 10 myths about legal work!

1. It’s glamorous

True there are some industry fundraisers and other events they may get to attend. However, the sad fact is the sharp suited lawyer with the stylish house and all the trappings of wealth tends to be at the top end.

2. It’s well paid

As with any other career you need to work your way up – there are long hours involved and trainee solicitors will usually earn minimum wage for two or more years before pulling in a good wage.

3. Specialising is all you need

In theory if you specialise in something your skills should be sought after. In practise the people who are the best lawyers tend to be the ones that know how to network, market themselves effectively and have a solid client base.

4. The big courtroom scene

Courtroom dramas have become a genre in and of themselves. It’s easy to see why – as it makes for great drama! However, in reality lawyers are likely to spend longer in police interview rooms and meeting with clients, than at Court.

5. It’s for the elite

In recent times moves are being made to produce legal apprenticeships as an alternative to degrees, allowing for people from more diverse backgrounds to become lawyers. Legal firm Clifford Chance has taken this a stage further using a “blind CV” approach at the interview stage to ensure the most level playing field possible when choosing candidates.

6. No room for progression

As well as making qualifications easier in 2012, the Solicitors Regulation Authority relaxed the legal services market so that more people who are not lawyers can be involved in running law firms.

7. Legal work is more stressful than other jobs

It is true that legal work is highly competitive. However, recent research has found that in reality they are no more or less happy than anyone else!

8. In order to be a lawyer you have to be emotionless

This one is simply wrong – in the case of divorce proceedings or cases involving children then sensitivity is vital. While it is true you need some degree of scepticism to analyse facts and present arguments this does not mean you have to become cold or cynical!

9. A legal representative should be a last resort

If a company is keen to settle with you quickly or says “No need to get the Courts involved” then you should be contacting a legal representative straight away.

10. Hiring a legal representative is expensive

As with any service the reality is – it simply depends!

There are a range of legal firms out there that offer their services. Some will be big and have a number of specialists while others may be smaller and only have a couple of representatives on the book.

At Larcomes we pride ourselves on being somewhere in the middle – the motto has always been “big enough to specialise, small enough to care”.

To find out more about what we do (and yes it’s not quite as glamorous as TV) contact us today!