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Probate Services

Dealing with somebody’s legal affairs when they die can be complicated, distressing and lengthy often taking many months to complete. When someone dies, if you are named as an Executor of a Will you will need to apply for a Grant of Probate. This is an official document which you may need to administer the deceased’s estate.


Expert Probate Solicitors

If you have been appointed as an Executor or you are a close relative of someone who has passed away without making a Will, you may be responsible for dealing with the Estate. Our team of probate experts has a wealth of experience in providing valuable assistance in such difficult circumstances.  We realise that it can be a daunting prospect, but our expert probate solicitors will guide you through the process, explaining everything that is required of you in administering a deceased estate.

We can help you with

  • Obtaining a grant of probate
  • Calculation and payment of inheritance tax
  • Collecting assets and arranging valuations
  • Payments of debts and expenses
  • Distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries
  • Calculation of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, and correspondence with HM Revenue & Customs


What is Contentious Probate?

Equally, if you feel that you have not been properly provided for in a Will or if you have any concerns regarding the circumstances in which a Will was made, a dispute can arise over the administration of a person’s estate and this will normally be known as contentious probate. The most common reasons that disputes over an estate arise include:

  • The value of assets
  • Disputes between executors
  • Disputes between beneficiaries of a Will
  • Disputes regarding Trusts
  • Disputes over an interpretation of a Will

Our expert contentious probate lawyers aim to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively, with significant experience in dealing with a wide range of contentious probate legal matters.


Our Fees

We will always ensure you are fully aware of all costs involved and your solicitor will explain these to you. For our standard probate service, we offer a fixed fee of £1000 plus VAT plus disbursements for obtaining the Grant of Probate.  For contentious probate matters and disputes over a will, or if a loved one has died without a Will in place, contact our probate team so we can discuss the options available to you.


Our Probate Team

The Wills and Probate solicitors at Larcomes will be happy to speak with you regarding all areas of probate and contentious probate. We will work for you and your family to ensure all matters are dealt with respectively and carefully taking as much of the stress away from you as possible in a difficult time.

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To speak with one of our wills and probate team please give us a call on 023 9244 8100 for our Portsmouth office or 023 9224 6666 for our Waterlooville office or make an online enquiry