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Professional Negligence Claims

If you have instructed the services of a professional, you are reliant on their expertise. However, if that professional person or business fails in their responsibility to perform to the level required of them, and is negligent (for example due to a missed deadline, incorrect or poor advice etc) then not only can it be extremely stressful, but those errors can have serious financial consequences.

Professional negligence claims can be made against a number of different professionals, including:

  • Financial Lenders and Advisors
  • Accountants
  • Architects and Surveyors
  • Construction and Engineering Professionals
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Property Agents
  • Solicitors

Our specialist legal team of professional negligence solicitors can help you if you believe you have a professional negligence claim, we will assess your case and guide you through the process. Whilst this area of law can be complex, we have the expertise to assist you. 

Please call on 023 9244 8100 or make an online enquiry.

How do I make a Professional Negligence Claim?

Professional service providers have certain obligations they must adhere to and failure to do so could warrant a claim. However, in order for your  complaint and professional negligence claim to be eligible, there will be certain key factors you must establish, which include:

  • Duty of care – depending on their industry or profession, the level of care they were obligated to provide you
  • Breach of that duty – was this duty of care, owed to you as their client, breached
  • Causation – was the poor standard of service provided by the professional, directly or indirectly, responsible for any losses you may have suffered
  • Loss – a measure of the losses you have suffered because of the breach of duty

Larcomes professional negligence team can work with you to establish the strength of your claim, assessing if it can be proven that the qualified practitioner didn’t adhere to their industry’s common standards of best practice and if the advice from another experienced professional in the same sector, would have been similar or different.  We will then use our experience and expertise to provide the most appropriate solution tailored to your circumstances.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resolving matters amicably where possible, rather than incuring the cost of court proceedings, will likely be in your best interests, so where possible we will discuss with you the route of alternative dispute resolution.  Not only can resolving a dispute in this way save you time and money in the long run but can be far less stressful than proceeding with court action. However, if dispute mediation is not the right course of action for you, we have the skills and experience to achieve the best outcome for our clients at trial.


Expert Professional Negligence Solicitors

Regardless of the complexity or the grounds of your professional negligence claim, our solicitors in Portsmouth and Waterlooville, have the knowledge and expertise to help. We will explain all the options available to you, ensure you are aware of the costs involved, and guide you through every step of the dispute resolution and litigation process.

Remember you can talk to us in complete confidence and gain reassurance from speaking to someone who understands your situation. We will assess your case without obligation and advise you on your chances of success.


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