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Descrimination Claims

If you feel that you are being discriminated against at work or being treated unfairly because of your age, race, gender, maternity, sexual orientation, religion or disability or for any other reason, then our expert discrimination solicitors will be able to advise you on your legal rights and guide you through the process of bringing a discrimination claim against your employer.

Our specialist discrimination solicitors can also provide legal advice on all discrimination claims raised against other organisations such as civil court claims against service providers, public bodies and private associations.

To discuss a case of discrimination, contact our specialist Employment Law Team today on 023 9244 8100 or make an online enquiry.

Time Limits for Discrimination Claims

Similar to other time limitation periods on employment law claims, in discrimination cases, the time limit is three months, less one day, from the date of the act or acts of discrimination about which you are complaining.

Where there has been continuing discrimination or a series of acts of discrimination, the date from which the time limit starts to run will differ. It can be a complex process to determine these timelines, so it is important you seek the advice of an employment law expert to help you.

There is a mandatory Early Conciliation process you must follow before the time limit called Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service ‘ACAS’. The ACAS process is compulsory for most claims and must be completed to obtain a certificate from ACAS before you can lodge a claim with the Employment Tribunal. The process is there to try and resolve matters amicably without the need to go to court.

We have the expertise to guide you through the ACAS process and where ACAS Early Conciliation fails, we can guide you through the next steps to make a discrimination claim in an employment tribunal.


Discrimination Claim Solicitors

Discrimination law can be complex and stressful for those involved but we will take a sympathetic approach and make sure you understand all the processes available to you to find a solution that is in your best interests. When assessing your case, we will provide an honest opinion about your chances of success, supporting you every step of the way should you decide to move forward with any action against an employer or civil law discrimination claim.

Larcomes have an experienced team of employment lawyers, with offices in Portsmouth and Waterlooville and whatever your discrimination matter, our employment law team are here to help you.   Remember you can talk to us in complete confidence and gain reassurance from speaking to someone who understands your situation.

If you have an employment or civil law query regarding discrimination at work, contact us today on 023 9244 8100 for fast, constructive advice that is friendly and local.

Find out more about the head of our specialist employment law department  – Employment Solicitor David Sumner

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