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Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property (IP) can include a number of different identities including images, designs, artistic works, literary works, symbols and inventions that involve your brand.

You have a right to protect these and they will generally fall into four main areas:

  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Design rights
  • Patents

In the same way that ownership of personal property is protected by the law, intangible assets such as brand names, images and websites etc and how they are controlled are protected under intellectual property law.

Larcomes are able to advise both claimants and defendants when an intellectual property dispute arises. If you believe another person or company has infringed your intellectual property or if another party is taking action against you for infringing their rights, you will need legal assistance.

We have the knowledge and expertise to advise on all areas of intellectual property law and resolve disputes in relation to the following:

  • Trademark infringement
  • Patent litigation
  • Copyright
  • Design rights
  • Passing off
  • Confidential information

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IP law can be extremely complex, and how to manage and protect your intellectual property can be confusing, time consuming and costly should you get it wrong. Our expert IP lawyers will guide you through the process, advising on and taking the most appropriate solution for your IP matter or dispute, ensuring you understand all the options available to you and what the likely outcomes and costs will be.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure your rights are protected.


Intellectual Property Disputes

Our expert commercial dispute resolution solicitors have extensive experience in disputes relating to the development, licensing and protection of all forms of intellectual property.

We will protect your IP rights, if need be at tribunals or in court, subsequently obtaining appropriate protection orders such as an injunctive relief or search orders to stop your IP from being exploited if need be. We can also defend you if an infringement claim is being brought against you.


Intellectual Property Dispute Solicitors in Portsmouth and Hampshire

Regardless of the complexity or the grounds of your IP dispute claim, our solicitors in Portsmouth and Waterlooville , have the knowledge and expertise to help. We will explain all the options available to you, ensure you are aware of the costs involved, and guide you through every step of the dispute resolution and intellectual property litigation process.

Remember you can talk to us in complete confidence and gain reassurance from speaking to someone who understands your situation. We will assess your case without obligation and advise you on your chances of success.


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