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Debt Recovery Enforcement

If you are a business whose invoice has not been paid by a customer, or someone has simply not repaid money owed to you, then we have the expertise to help you.

Our experienced debt recovery team can help both private clients who are owed money and businesses with commercial debts.

We will work with you to find the most appropriate solution tailored to your unique situation, managing all your debt recovery needs, from sending the initial letter before action requesting payment, through to issuing court proceedings and enforcing a Judgement Order.

To speak with one of our debt recovery solicitors, please call on 023 9244 8100 or make an online enquiry.

What is the Debt Recovery Process?

When you need to recover the outstanding money owed to you there will be four main stages to the legal process to recover the debt which include:

  • Letter before action
  • Entering Dispute resolution process or issuing a Claim Form
  • Obtaining Settlement Agreement
  • Court Hearing
  • County Court Judgement (CCJ)
  • Enforcement Action

In our experience, in the majority of cases, we normally find that a debt recovery letter before action will be sufficient to resolve the matter and recover the monies owed. However, should this not result in payment, our debt recovery lawyers will explain the next steps available to you, finding you the most appropriate solution to recover the debt.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Obtaining a settlement agreement by resolving matters amicably where possible, rather than incur the cost of court proceedings, will likely be in your best interests, so where possible we will discuss with you the route of alternative dispute resolution.  Not only can resolving a debt dispute in this way saves you time and money in the long run but can be far less stressful than proceeding with court action. However, if dispute mediation is not the right course of action for you, we have the skills and experience to achieve the best outcome for our clients by obtaining county court judgements at trial.


Debt Recovery Enforcement – Collecting your Debt

Once a County Court Judgement (CCJ) has been obtained against a debtor, you will be entitled to ‘enforce’ that judgement immediately. Our debt recovery enforcement solicitors will explain the different debt collection and enforcement methods available to you and will use our experience and expertise to find you the most appropriate solution depending on your particular circumstances.  The different debt enforcement methods could include options such as:

  • High Court Enforcement Officers
  • County Court Bailiff
  • Third-Party Debt Order
  • Attachment of Earnings
  • Charging Order
  • Information Order
  • Winding Up Proceedings
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings

If you have already obtained a CCJ, but are struggling to collect the debt, contact our debt recovery team today for more information on our debt enforcement services. Please call on 023 9244 8100 or make an online enquiry.

Debt Recovery Solicitors – How we can help

Our Debt Recovery and Enforcement solicitors in Portsmouth and Waterlooville have the knowledge and expertise to help. We will explain all the options available to you, ensure you are aware of the costs involved, and guide you through every step of the debt recovery process, from the very first stages, right through to ensuring you collect the debt owed to you. In most circumstances, for undisputed debts of under £25,000, we can offer fixed-fee legal solutions to recover the monies owed to you. For more information on our fees and other costs involved, please click here for our debt recovery service costs. If the amount owed to you is over £25,000 or you are based outside the UK, please get in touch with our specialist litigation team, who will be able to assess your case and provide further information on the services available to you.

Our debt recovery expertise covers all areas of commercial and private debt, debt collection and enforcement for both individuals and businesses and we are confident we can help you resolve your debt dispute.


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To speak with one of our specialist Debt Recovery team, please call on 023 9244 8100 or make an online enquiry for a no-obligation assessment of your case.

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