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Commercial Property

Larcomes Commercial Property team provides high quality commercial advice to investors, developers, owners, landlords and tenants. Our experienced team covers every aspect of commercial property law including:

  • Commercial Lease Renewal Services
  • Commercial Landlord and Tenant
  • Landlord and Tenant Agreements
  • Sale and Purchase of Land for Development and subsequent sales of new build properties
  • Property Taxation
  • Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Law of Town and Village Green
  • Planning Issues

Our work with commercial leases covers advice and drafting for landlords and tenants, renewing leases and making any necessary applications to Court. Our team will always provide landlords with specialist advice to ensure:

  • They receive a proper market rent with the best possible reviews of rent as to frequency and amount
  • They can remove their tenant from the premises when they need to
  • They can take possession of the premises for themselves when required
  • They can safeguard themselves in the event of the tenant wanting to sell the lease.

If you would like to speak with one of our specialist commercial property solicitors, then please give us a call on 023 9244 8100.