Recommendations are something that people look for all the time. Whether it’s online reviews, broadsheet journalists looking at the latest plays or a magazine comparing everything from supermarket pizzas to toasters there is someone offering an opinion. However when it comes to legal representation it pays to check who is offering the recommendation!

Beware online

Online reviews can be great. However it is important to check a number of sites to get the broadest range of opinions- if a person receives a positive verdict they are more likely to praise their legal representative than someone who hasn’t.

When reading the reviews think about what you want and whether the firm will provide that- essentially it’s about finding reviewers who seem to be looking for the same things that you want. Also be wary of any potential bias on the site or on the part of the reviewer themselves.

Of course another potential problem is fake reviews- however with practise these can be easy to spot. If a review is overly generous or critical then it may well have an ulterior motive (also look out for odd sentences and syntax).



Is the firm part of an organisation? Are the individuals themselves part of any committee? The reason that this is important is because often if they have an interest outside of just representing people this is often a good indication that they will be a good representative for you.


Friends and family

Friends, family and business network contacts can be a good way to get introduced to potential representatives. However it is still a good idea to meet them in person- what one person regards as being charming may not be the same for you!

Ultimately you are looking at someone who represents you and it may be that the skills they have are better suited to the needs of a friend or family member than you. This doesn’t make them bad legal representatives it just means they may not suit your requirements at that particular time or you don’t feel comfortable representing you.



One of the best recommendations is to find someone with experience. Not just in terms of the amount of times they have represented people but also in terms of their skills and relevance for your particular needs. Often these will be the people that are likely to get more recommendations because they will usually be the most equipped to meet them!

We believe in providing people access to legal representatives that can give them the representation they need. It is not just about skills and experience but also guiding them through the legal process. Our ideal is being big enough to provide skilled and experienced people with the resources they need while at the same time giving clients the customer service they deserve. For more information on how we can help you contact us today!