With the emergence of the internet, phone services and so forth a lot of things are more easily and readily available. Indeed, in some cases you could potentially get someone to handle a legal issue over the phone or through email. However, at Larcomes we believe that a legal representative should be chosen in person and here are a few reasons why.

Customer service

Seeing a firm in person is often a good gauge of their customer service as you can look at how quickly they answer the phone, how someone treats you when you walk in the door and whether or not they have lots of people in a cramped office or a workload that is suited to their particular environment.

You can make sure you are talking to the right person

This might sound obvious but you want to be sure that you know who you are talking to and that particular person will be handling your case. The danger with talking to someone on the phone or online is that they may not necessarily be the person handling your case.

There is also the fact that this is a good opportunity to talk to them and gauge what they are like. If you think about it this person will literally be representing you so it is worth gauging whether or not they are someone that you want to represent you.

Ask the right questions

When talking to someone in person it also gives you the chance to read them. Do you feel that they are listening to you? When asking about fees do they give a straightforward answer or do they seem evasive?

Unfortunately, people sometimes get a false impression that legal representatives are cold or unsympathetic. This is not true and in a lot of cases they will be very empathetic and want to help you through difficult circumstances.

That being said ultimately they are people and some you will respond and some you won’t so it is worth considering the overall package they are offering and whether that works for you.

The balance

Like a lot of things in life it is worth getting the balance right- some larger firms may have access to more resources but may lack the personal touch that a smaller firm can offer. Likewise, a smaller firm may be able to offer more communication and feel more welcoming but may lack the specialists that the larger ones can offer.

Larcomes can offer a balance of the two mainly due to a unique set of circumstances – having long been established as a family firm you get the benefit of more resources combined with that close personal ethos that has been a tradition of the company since it was first founded. We have a number of specialist representatives on the team that not only have the skills and experience you need but can also be contacted directly.

For more information on what we have to offer and to discuss your circumstances in more detail, please contact us today and we will be happy to help.