When watching TV shows or movies it is possible to get a certain picture of what lawyers and legal representatives in general are. However, what you should remember is that inevitably these tend to be simplified versions of real life. In this article, we are going to look at certain myths about legal representation and give you a different perspective on the reality of legal work.


No big emotional speeches

One of the best parts of courtroom dramas tend to be big emotional speeches about morals and events. While this is great in terms of storytelling and establishing the theme of a narrative it does not fit real life as in real life cases tend to be decided on facts and the argument rather than the passionate way in which they are delivered.


No solo saviour

Another myth is that one person pulls off an incredible victory. What tends to actually happen is that a team of people prepares a case. It is very rare that the whole case will depend on one particular detail and the process will often take a long time. In order to do that a number of people need to work on this as opposed to one charismatic representative.

Furthermore, as is the case with police procedural shows, office based comedies etc the reality tends to be a lot more paperwork and preparation. It would make for less exciting television however in reality you want the people who have put the work in!


Emotional coldness

A common dig at legal representatives is that they are cold or emotionless. This is not actually true and legal representatives are a diverse range of people and as in any job you will get lively and animated people, quiet, loud, eccentric or dry humoured.

As with any job it is about finding someone who suits you and as with any business relationship there is likely to be someone that you will like who is appropriate for your personal circumstances.


People don’t go to court as much

Courtroom dramas are often exciting as they involve people facing off against each other and it can be thrilling. In some cases, this did actually happen i.e. for example the conclusion of the film Big Eyes where an artist had to prove she did the painting by doing the work in court and her husband claiming he injured his shoulder did actually happen in real life.

However, increasingly people are looking for alternatives as court cases can be expensive so alternatives such as reaching settlements, arbitration and mediation are often sought out before involving the courts.


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