Michael Osborne


02030 115220

For the last 20 years Michael has specialised almost exclusively in claims for asbestos-related diseases, acting only for men and women with asbestos conditions and their families. He always does his best to deal with his clients sympathetically and to pursue claims as quickly as possible. Two of his cases have been referred to the Court of Appeal.

Michael attends the All Party parliamentary group on Occupational Safety and Health and has been a member of the steering committee of the British Lung Foundation’s mesothelioma awareness campaign. He has written a book, Asbestos Disease Claims: A Guide for Doctors and Health Care Professionals, and contributed to Macmillan Cancer Support’s patient information booklet, Understanding Mesothelioma. He has given many talks on asbestos compensation to respiratory nurses and doctors, to Coroner’s Officers and to patient support groups.

Michael is actively involved with various asbestos victim support groups and he is a member and a senior litigator within the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). He is also on the APIL specialist asbestos disease panel.