For many people, their wedding is the happiest day of their lives. However, with marriage, there are some issues, and it is important to consider them. Looking at legal issues concerning marriage will help you decide when or if it is appropriate to be married and what legal situations you need to be aware of.

Legal differences
It is possible to formally acknowledge a relationship, without getting married. A cohabitation contract can be useful if you want to share a house and decide how it is shared so that you can decide on rights and ownership. While it is not clear if these contracts are legally enforceable, it does at least provide some clarification.

A valid marriage
While many couples want a religious ceremony when getting married, this does not make it valid. You can choose to be married in a religious or civil service, but in both instances, you need to get a certified copy of registry in the UK and a marriage certificate that has been issued in the country where the ceremony took place.

Financial issues
Financial issues can occur when it comes to looking at accounts. If couples have separate accounts, then that money is theirs. In the event of a partner dying, their separate account would become part of the estate and would not be accessible until that has been settled. With a joint account, either partner can have access. However, if you do not pay in or use the joint account, this may be considered in any legal dispute.

Furthermore, in the event of a separation, it is recommended that you remove your partner’s name from your joint account as soon as possible. Some people have been known to run up high debts on joint accounts in this time, and you could be liable for it, so it is important to prevent this from happening.

It should also be made clear that if you are unmarried that you should specify in your will if you want your partner to inherit any money or assets from you, as this may not happen automatically if you die without leaving a will.

Both parents have responsibility for the financial care of their children. In the case of separation, contact can be decided on an informal basis, through mediation or if this is not possible through a child arrangements order. A mother and father can also appoint guardians in the event of their deaths.

Sorting through issues
These are just a few of the issues you need to consider. For example, should you create a prenuptial agreement before you get married? This is why it helps to discuss it with an experienced legal professional. As a family law firm with decades of experience, Larcomes can handle both the legal aspects and the emotional to help guide you and give you and your partner the reassurance you need. To find out more or to discuss your own personal circumstances in more detail please contact Larcomes today.