There are a lot of legal representatives out there. Many of them may offer deals like “no win no fee.” But are they all they seem? And if you do hire a legal representative what fees are you likely to pay? Here is a quick guide to help you be more aware of legal fees, what you might pay, who might pay and when.

Ask questions

A firm should be open with you in terms of what they charge. For example, they should say if they are going to charge you for a consultation. Many may offer free consultations but this could be for a fixed period (eg 30 minutes) and then charge after that.

The way in which they charge may vary according to the service, e.g. they may have a fixed price for writing a will but then will charge by the hour for their probate services.

Conditional fee arrangements

Typically known as CFAs this is what people often think of as “no win, no fee” arrangements. In theory this should mean you do not pay if you lose a case but in practise there may still be some expenses that need to be paid, so this is important to clarify before you sign an agreement.

Check costs

You are within your rights to ask your representative to give you an estimate for the final overall cost. It is also possible to ask them to stick to an agreed budget. However, a legal representative may argue that sometimes an additional service may be required to go over that budget. In that instance you need to talk with them and decide whether that is necessary.

Who are you talking to?

It may sound obvious but when you are talking with someone you should clarify whether or not they will be representing you. While they may spell out what you will be charged for it is important to know who you are paying and what particular resources they will be using in order to justify those fees.

There is also an added element of customer service – the best legal representatives will be able to discuss with you what you can expect from them and will do so in a way that is clear and makes sense to you. Equally don’t be afraid or embarrassed, if you are not sure what a term means then you should ask.

Why us?

At Larcomes our motto has always been “Big enough to specialise, small enough to care.” We recognise that for some people going to court or seeking legal advice is a big step. Therefore, we believe in not only giving our representatives the resources they need but also making sure that they work with our clients and help them through what can often be a difficult and stressful process.

For more information or to discuss your own circumstances, please contact us today and we will be happy to go over your situation in more detail and help make the right decision to suit your needs.