The Larcomes Family Law team are proud to show our support to the Resolution initiative, Good Divorce Week 2021, which commenced 29th November and ends on 3rd December. The campaign’s main aim is to raise awareness of the importance of focusing on children in the divorce or separation process. In light of this, Resolution conducted some research amongst separated and divorced parents and concluded that “Two-thirds of separated parents say they lacked advice about putting children first during separation.”(via

To combat this, the Parenting After Parting Committee at Resolution has produced a Parenting Through Separation Guide, which provides information about how to make sure you put your children first in the process of separation or divorce. Find out more about Good Divorce Week on the Resolution website.

What is Resolution?

Founded in 1982 by a group of family lawyers, Resolution was created as a non-confrontational approach to family law issues producing better outcomes for separating or divorcing families and their children. The team of over 6,500 Solicitors at Resolution, including ours at Larcomes greatly support this approach, and over the past few days, we have been hugely supportive of Resolution during this campaign.

Good Divorce Week is a campaign that promotes practical and constructive ways for couples to separate, and this campaign happens annually. Their Code of Practice focuses on a constructive approach to family issues that identifies and supports the whole family’s needs. In cases involving children, they also ensure that their best interests are at the forefront in the list of priorities. They also recognise that family relationships have been under more pressure since the beginning of the pandemic and the stress and tensions involved tend to find the process especially difficult or traumatic.

What are the benefits of having a ‘good divorce’?

Calling it a ‘good divorce’ is quite an oxymoron. Many believe there is no such thing as a good divorce because a divorce suggests the failure or breakdown of a marriage. It can raise the tensions between the individuals involved, especially when courts and solicitors get involved.

One might think the concept of a ‘good divorce’ is completely impossible, but the reality is quite the contrary. The idea behind it is to try to minimise conflict between the parties involved and to be as cordial (or, best case scenario, amicable) as possible, to reduce the chance of conflict between the children and the wider family. This will limit the overall breakdown of the extended family.

Our team of experienced and dedicated divorce lawyers at Larcomes, located in Portsmouth, will help support separating couples and continue to promote the benefits behind a good divorce, not only for the couple but for the children.

How to have an amicable divorce

The specialist Family Law Solicitors at Larcomes go out of their way to ensure that any potential family conflict is resolved as soon as possible, or the case is concluded as amicably as possible. Find out more on How To Have An Amicable Divorce here.


Larcomes Family Law Solicitors

Our team of Family Law Solicitors are in complete support of this Resolution initiative in their promotion of the benefits of having a good divorce. Overall, it shows consideration for the children and other extended family members and enables the couple to maintain communication amicably, which is less damaging to children.

If you are experiencing difficulties with remaining amicable or cordial with your partner or have any questions or ideas surrounding a divorce, the Divorce Specialists at Larcomes are here to help you. At Larcomes, we have considerable experience in all areas of family law relating to separation and divorce, child matters and matrimonial finances.

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