People are often looking for ways to invest in their money. However, sometimes you may be tempted by something that looks too good to be true. In this article, we are going to look at what you need to be aware of before choosing an investment.

Is the company licensed?

You may have had an advisor show you a range of potential options. At this point it is important to check carefully – the company needs to be licensed and registered under the Financial Conduct Authority. If the company doesn’t have details of a physical location somewhere in the world you should consider investing elsewhere.

Get feedback

As with any other form of business or service check people who have made this investment in the past. A quick search should give you feedback on whether or not to invest in it.

No cold calling

A legitimate UK investment firm should not cold call you. Be wary of anyone using phrases about “We contacted you recently regarding…”
Some may use details like your name when contacting you. However, if they are using data such as voting registers they may use names on that rather than using a given name that you may have used when talking with a representative.

Gut instinct

Sometimes it may be as simple as looking at the offer on the table and deciding on whether or not you feel it is right. If you are not sure it is best not to take a risk.

Get the right representative

It is important to have someone looking over any contracts or agreements before you sign them. This is especially important when you are unsure about whether it is appropriate.

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