It can be difficult if you have issues with your landlord or lettings agency. It could be regarding maintenance issues, or possibly issues with the rent. However, these issues can be resolved, and with a few simple tips you can establish a better relationship with them and create a better living environment.

Know your rights

An important place to start is with your tenancy agreement. When it comes to settling a dispute, you need the right information to hand. Furthermore, you should check your legal rights, as you could be arguing something that you don’t have a legal right to.

Stay calm

It can be frustrating if you are trying to solve a problem and a landlord does not want to cooperate. While an email or phone call can be more convenient, a face to face discussion is more likely to be more positive and proactive, especially if you can do so in a neutral location.
Use mediation services

Going to court can be expensive and should be a last resort. Using a mediator will give you the chance to discuss issues if initial meetings are not productive, allowing someone to look at your situation from a neutral perspective.

Get it in writing

When dealing with a landlord, it helps to have physical proof of discussions, such as printouts of emails or notes on phone conversations. This could dissuade them from taking a case to court if there is evidence that the landlord did not adhere to their responsibilities.

Small claims court

Ideally, it should be possible to reach a settlement before having to take it to court. But in the event that this is not possible, small claims court may be the best option as it is a more affordable option and is likely to have a quicker resolution.

We can help

When it comes to disputes with your landlord, some claims will have more chances of a successful verdict than others. It is important to know the difference, but this may not always be immediately obvious. For example, a tenancy agreement may say you could incur a charge due to damaging the property with the exception of “reasonable wear and tear.” But it is not always clear what constitutes “reasonable wear and tear.”

Therefore, it is worth discussing the situation with an experienced legal professional. This is where Larcomes can come in. We have a long and proud history of legal representation. Our belief has always been that while it is important to have the resources and experienced legal professionals available for our clients, this is not enough.

Another important aspect is the customer service and care that clients need, especially in stressful situations. We want to give our clients the information they need before deciding whether or not they want to pursue a case. If you would like to discuss your landlord dispute with us, please contact us today, and we will be happy to go over your information in more detail.