A lot of people dream of becoming movie stars or models. Therefore, when an agency says they can get you that kind of work, then it is often attractive. However, there are certain details that you need to check before signing up, to ensure that you or anyone you know does not get caught out.

Real agents don’t charge their clients
This is the clearest sign that the agency is not genuine. An agent should get their money from the work that they get for you. This should also mean that test photos and other things should not be charged to you either.

That being said, you may want to go to a professional photographer to get high-quality headshots or a videographer to produces a decent showreel. But that needs to be your decision, the agent’s main focus should be getting you work, and definitely not at their house.

The same goes for classes
Acting schools and classes are great ways to develop your skills and if an agency offers them for free, take them. However, an agency should not charge for seminars, webinars or classes as well as any form of listing.

Beware classifieds
Generally speaking, a legitimate agency won’t need to advertise as clients will come to them. If they are advertising through a newspaper classified section or online, then this is best avoided.

Check the big claims
If a claim sounds too good to be true, it often is. It is unlikely that an A-list superhero franchise actor will be represented by a smaller agency. A quick online search will often help you verify any claims that a scammer makes.

There are no guarantees
Another big claim is saying “I can definitely get you this prestigious modelling role” or “this high profile acting work.” No legitimate representative will guarantee you work, for the simple fact that nobody can, as it is dependent on what their clients want.

Office space
One detail you should check is where the agency operates from. While this isn’t foolproof, a lot of scammers won’t be able to afford operating from a rented office space. However, this is just one detail, and you should still check the other factors listed above.

Get feedback
There are many ways to check over the claims that an agency makes. One of the easiest is to look for reviews outside of their website or social media- often a quick search will give you feedback and some idea of whether or not it is worth being represented by these agencies.

Still not sure?
If you have checked all of these details and are still not sure, please talk to us. We want to help make sure that people are aware of the claims companies are making, and that they do not get conned out of money for work they are not going to get, and promises that are not going to be kept. Contact us at Larcomes today and we will be happy to discuss your situation in more detail.