Personal injury claims have had a bad reputation in some circles. However, there are a lot of reasons why they are important – if someone is prevented from working due to an injury that wasn’t their fault, they should be compensated for it. Furthermore, these claims can highlight issues with health and safety that can ensure accidents do not happen in the future. In this article, we are going to look at five facts you should know about personal injury and personal injury claims.

Claim as soon as possible
You should make a claim as soon as possible. The reason this is important is it will allow more time to gather evidence. There is also the fact that sometimes there is a statute of limitations, and you may not be able to make a claim after a certain period of time.

Honesty really is the best policy
Being honest with your legal representative is vital, including any injuries or health problems you might have had prior to an accident. This will allow them to decide whether or not you have a case, and any information that is held back and revealed later could potentially harm it.

Look after yourself
It is important that you get the treatment you need and keep up with any appointments. As well as ensuring that you properly recover, it will also show that you are doing what you can to get better and give you the best possible case in court.

Be wary
You need to be careful what you do and say, especially online. For example, if you claim you can’t do heavy lifting, and you post a picture of yourself taking part in a weightlifting contest, the opposing legal team could use this as evidence against you. It may sound extreme, but there have been cases where people have used private detectives to monitor people, and this has been used as evidence.

Use the right representative
It is possible to use any legal professional to represent you. However, it helps if you have someone who knows how the personal injury process works. For example, if you have had a chronic condition for a number of years this can be difficult to prove. Equally, they can get specialist medical resources to help you recover more.

We can help
It can be overwhelming comparing all the various options available to you when it comes to legal representation. A larger firm can be attractive, but they may lack the level of customer service you want. Equally a smaller firm may lack the resources and specialist representatives. Larcomes offer a balance- offering enough specialist experience while at the same time providing hands-on customer service to keep you up to date during the legal process. For more information or to discuss a personal injury claim in more detail, please contact our legal specialists today and we will be happy to explain whether or not you have a claim and what we can do for you.