Industrial Diseases – do you know the risks


In any form of work there is an element of risk. However, it is the responsibility of employers to minimise that risk as much as possible. This is why it is vital to be aware of the various types of industrial diseases and more importantly how to prevent the risk of employees and anyone visiting your industrial environment as much as possible.


Conditions caused by Asbestos


While the use of asbestos has been banned for decades now the sad fact is it is still being found in buildings. Symptoms of conditions such as mesothelioma may not occur until decades after the initial exposure. In this instance the difficulty is often in proving how aware councils or other responsible parties were in knowing the existence of the asbestos and what they did to safely remove it and reduce the potential risk to anyone in the environment.


Conditions caused by Chemicals


In a lot of industries people can be exposed to dangerous and hazardous chemicals. There is the risk of getting various forms of cancer, ranging from skin cancer if you come into direct contact with hazardous chemicals to bladder cancer caused by coming into contact with chemical dyes. You are also under increased risk of getting asthma from inhaling dust from the industrial environment.


This is why it is vital that companies provide the right protective clothing, masks and health and safety training in order to minimise the risk of contact as much as possible.


Occupational Hazards


If you are in a noisy environment or you handle equipment such as powerful electrical drills then there is the increased danger of suffering from deafness or tinnitus caused by using this equipment or being in this kind of environment. Using these kinds of tools could also result in vibration injuries if the use of those tools is not properly controlled.




At Larcomes we work hard to ensure that anyone who has suffered an industrial related condition gets the compensation they deserve. This includes tracking down any business that has ceased trading and getting people to face the consequences for not adequately protecting their employees.


While it is impossible to fully eradicate the risk of injury or illness from an industrial working environment there is the simple fact that there are basic steps an employer can do to reduce those risks as much as possible.


Often the complication in a legal case regarding an employer is whether or not they were aware of the potential risks of the industrial environment and whether or not they took sufficient steps to reduce that risk. Cutting corners and cutting costs can have serious consequences later on and it is vital that employers know that not taking this seriously can have a devastating effect on the lives of their employees and their families.


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