Janice Ward who is the Managing Partner for Portsmouth based solicitors Larcomes Legal Limited has recently become involved in a pro bono initiative with local charity The LifeHouse. Although for most of her professional career Janice has been working in business management and finance, she has always had an interest in people and has wanted to train and learn about counselling. Being responsible for the wellbeing of thirty-five members of staff has ignited this passion and she is now beginning her final year and once completed Larcomes will have a qualified counsellor on site.

Janice believes that destigmatizing mental health and stress in the workplace needs to be at the forefront of all good business practice. When she has completed this course, Janice will become a nationally accredited professional counsellor/psychotherapist. Undertaking this course will enable her to be able to offer concrete help and appropriate solutions to staff and to the wider community and will enable her to take an active role in assisting them to heal, where necessary and to reach their full potential.

Each year the firm gets heavily involved with a local charity of choice and this firm this year the firm are supporting The LifeHouse Charity based in Southsea in Portsmouth, which helps target immediate needs and issues surrounding homelessness and addiction and which serves hot food free to those in need. Janice felt that not only could the firm fund-raise and support the charity financially but that she could also offer her counselling skills to the Charity. This new Counselling service is being rolled-out by The LifeHouse as an opportunity for people to talk, in confidence, to a caring professional who will listen without judgment or discrimination. Janice will be offering her counselling skills every Thursday afternoon from 3.30pm onwards at the Centre.

For further information, please contact Natalie Courage on 023 9244 8100.