It can be an exciting time when you finally get the chance to have your own commercial property. Equally it can be daunting as you look for the right kind to suit your business needs. As with any property purchase there are various rules you need to be aware of and this is why we have produced this quick guide to commercial property law.

What you should know

Commercial property law can cover both the private and public sector. A big part of a legal representative’s role in this is drawing contracts – it is important that anyone buying or leasing properties needs to be aware of what their commitments are.
One thing that may seem obvious is ensuring that the person you are buying from is the owner of that particular asset. That may seem strange but some deals have gone wrong due to the fact they don’t actually own what they are selling or it is part owned by other shareholders that need to be consulted.
Your legal representative can also be a crucial part of the negotiating process, helping you to get the best possible deal on your lease or purchase, something that can be a lot harder if you are trying to do this without representation.

Choosing the right representative

When it comes to choosing the right representative with a commercial law representative it is vital to go with someone who has the relevant experience. They ought to be able to discuss a deal with you in a way that doesn’t involve complex jargon while at the same time not feeling patronising either.

This is why at Larcomes we strongly believe in being “big enough to specialise, small enough to care”. If you are looking to rent or purchase a commercial property contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you in more detail.