Larcomes Industrial Disease Team is delighted to have been ranked in band two again for the UK-Wide Guide, with the following wording attributed to the team.

What the team is known for

Larcomes houses an industrial disease practice based in Portsmouth. The team is best known for its expert knowledge and representation of claimants in mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease claims. It frequently represents claimants who had been employed in local dockyards and shipbuilding industries. 


“The team offers a high degree of empathy and understanding mixed with professionalism.” 

“They have a very caring approach.” 

“They’re compassionate, very knowledgeable and able to support patients and their families through what is quite a daunting process with empathy.” 

Notable practitioners

Michael Osborne enjoys a strong reputation for his handling of industrial disease claims and asbestos litigation. He regularly represents clients from industrial and manufacturing backgrounds.  

“He is very personable so claimants really like him. He consults counsel a lot, keeping you abreast of everything.”  

“He’s got very good attention to detail.”  

“Michael has deep knowledge of the work he does and has been doing it for a very long time. He is able to navigate patients through this process with kindness, empathy and understanding.” 

Richard Hopgood heads Larcomes’ industrial disease team. He is recognised for his expertise in industrial disease claims such as mesothelioma and asbestos-related cases, especially for those formerly employed in dockyards.  

“He has great attention to detail and sensitivity which is required to deliver excellent service to the claimants.”  

“Richard Hopgood is a key factor in the success of the company. He has exemplary knowledge and experience in the area.”  

“He’s very kind but he has deep knowledge and is very tenacious as well. Richard doesn’t give up on things easily. He’s able to look at a claim from a different perspective to bring it to a successful conclusion.”