In some cases, people may want to legally represent themselves. It is not something that’s recommended. However, it is possible and it is worth knowing what you need to be aware of before you try to represent yourself in court.


There are two main reasons why people may choose to represent themselves. One is that a person may feel that they are better off talking directly to a jury, magistrate or judge as opposed to having someone talking on their behalf.

Another reason may be that a person feels that they cannot afford the legal fees involved when it comes to getting specialist legal representation. It should be said at this point that there are options available out there, including applying for legal aid.


Representing yourself does not have to be done alone. You can appoint someone to take notes and give you advice. However, this person is not allowed to speak for you at any point, nor are they allowed to interfere with legal proceedings or sign documents for you.

It is also possible to seek legal advice prior to appearing in court, even if you decide that you are going to represent yourself. This is worth considering, as it can give you insight into what to expect from proceedings.


Some people may choose to represent themselves in a dispute, such as family issues or a problem with a landlord. In these instances, it may be better to seek mediation or look for a solution outside of court, rather than attempting to get something through the court system.

Why legal representation is better

It does need to be said- while you are within your right to represent yourself, it is not recommended that you do. For example, the issue about how you are represented can be dealt with by finding someone who understands your case. There is the misapprehension that legal representatives are cold or lack emotion. In reality, ultimately they are all people and it is likely that you will respond to some better than others.

With regard to cost, it may not be as expensive as you may think. It is also worth taking a step back and considering how much more expensive it may be if you do not achieve the positive verdict you want. The fact is that a legal representative will have more experience in court cases and be more able to put your case forward.

We can help

Before you choose to represent yourself, we ask that you review the options available to you, as it may be that an affordable alternative is available to you. We believe in providing both the specialist resources that people need but also the customer service that people want as well. It is worth giving us a call, so you can find out more about the service we have to offer, as well as getting in touch with a specialist who will be best suited to your case. Talk to us today and find out how Larcomes can help represent you.