You have probably seen in previous articles we have used the term “Big enough to specialise, small enough to care.” It is also something that appears on our website a few times. But why are either of these aspects important? We are going to look at all these issues so you can learn more about why at Larcomes we believe this is important.

Size matters

Some people might say “Surely bigger is better? I want the biggest law firm so I can get the best possible representatives.” However, in practise this is not always the case as a larger firm may indeed have more resources but they may also process a lot more cases and the person you speak to before signing up may not necessarily be the person that ends up representing you.

Furthermore, bigger isn’t always appropriate for your needs e.g. you probably wouldn’t hire a five-star hotel for a five year old’s birthday party. The opposite can also apply as well as a smaller firm may be able to offer a warmer customer service but if they have fewer resources then the other side then it can be more difficult to get the result.


This then further opens up the debate – what do we mean by “resources?” This can mean having enough staff on hand to deal with the paperwork and processes. It can also mean being able to offer representatives that have the specific experience required for specific cases (such as medical representatives for medical negligence cases) as well as being able to help in other ways (in the case of medical negligence cases being able to call on medical experts)

In short having the right resources increases your chances of getting a verdict in your favour (please note this is not the same as guaranteeing a victory – a legal representative shouldn’t say that).


There are often jokes about lawyers about their coldness or using terms such as “ambulance chaser”. While there are people like that out there in practise this is at best a gross exaggeration. Ultimately legal representatives are people – in the case of family law they will often be trained to deal with difficult situations in a healthy and constructive way and will usually be the first to offer counselling or mediation as an alternative to legal action.

Furthermore, on a basic level the term “representative” means someone who will convey your argument to a court, hearing etc. Therefore, you have to be comfortable that they have your best interests at heart.

Why us?

On a simple level the reason Larcomes is equipped to deal with a wide range of legal issues is through a long tradition as a family firm. This has meant over the years it has grown to the point where you can go on the website and find a number of specialists to deal with numerous legal issues.

If you have a particular concern and want to know more about Larcomes has to offer, please contact us today and we will happy to discuss your needs in more detail.