You have probably seen celebrities in the paper refer to their separation or divorce as “amicable” (or if your surname is Martin or Paltrow you go for the more poetic “conscious uncoupling”). In reality, however, divorce can be difficult, stressful and emotionally draining. However, believe it or not it can be possible to have a divorce that if not amicable can at least be reasonable for all parties concerned and below are some tips to help make that happen.


It is not about “right” or “wrong”

Unless a partner is abusive there is no obligation on a court to decide if any partners involved in a relationship are “right” or “wrong”. Ultimately the goal for any hearing is to decide what payments need to be made and what grounds (if any) for financial compensation there are.

Good legal advisors should always recommend you contact your partner in order to discuss the divorce to clear up any issues before any court involvement, so as to keep the divorce as civilised as possible.


Know your rights

While the emotionally side can be overwhelming, it is important to be clear on what you are legally entitled to. If you are unsure, it is worth talking to a legal representative who can guide you through the process and some solicitors can offer mediation services to keep the process out of the courts if necessary.


Know the facts

A common source of disputes is how assets get divided. Getting facts and figures on who owns what and who has the right to what parts of it is crucial. In some cases it may be difficult to decide who owns what half or how to divide it and this is another part where the right legal advice is crucial.

Often the simplest way is to make sure you have receipts, proof of ownership and so forth. While this may seem a bit of a cold approach this can often make the process more objective and less emotive.


Consider the children

In recent times, this has been worded differently and the key consideration is parental responsibility as opposed to “rights” or “access”. The emphasis is on what is best for the child and it is crucial that parents do their best to let children know it is not about them and that their parents still love them and will do what they can to look after them, albeit in different circumstances than their parents living together.


Get the right representation

At Larcomes we work hard to reassure our clients and to give them the right legal information they need. We have specialists in family law that can deal with not just the legal but also the emotional aspects of a divorce.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer please contact us today. We can’t promise a “conscious uncoupling” but we will give you the best legal advice and representation you need!