Going through a divorce can be a difficult process on a number of levels. It is hard for the couple involved, children and indeed some of the friends and family around them. But another potential impact is on the finances of the couple involved. However, believe it or not is possible to have a divorce that is not overly expensive and can be amicable on both sides.

Be reasonable

In the heat of a divorce it is often possible to lose sight of things that are actually important – do you really want to argue over who gets what item of lawn furniture? While it is important to not be a push over for the sake of convenience ultimately the faster a divorce can be settled the less emotional impact it will have on all involved.


Have a plan

This effectively ties in to the earlier point- talk with your partner over issues such as visitation, dividing items, living arrangements and so forth. This then means they are less likely to be sore points later on and will mean less legal costs to you both as these issues will have already been discussed.


Try not to dwell on the past

Admittedly this can be difficult – inevitably the talk will be of what people did or did not do. However, unless a partner was abusive or violent, it is often better to look at moving forward and sorting out your future rather than looking backgrounds and assigning blame.


Mediation is a useful tool

In a lot of cases mediation will be offered as a recommended part of the process and indeed in some cases, it may even be a requirement. However, mediation is not something to be afraid nor is it simply a box to tick – it is a useful way for both partners to have their say and to go over the divorce proceedings in a non-confrontational way.

This keeps costs down by reducing the amount of legal arrangements – talking about the process means a lot of the potential delays caused by bad communication and misleading statements can in fact be avoided.


Keep it amicable

Again this is often easier to say than do. However, this is not just “keeping up appearances for the sake of the children”. What you need to remember is that how you both behave will have an impact on friendships, families and a lot more see this page. Be wary of how you communicate about your divorce and if possible avoid being too negative about the people involved.

In simple terms divorce doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive – while it is not a process people want to go through, it can be done in a way that minimises its impact and ensuring that people can lead their lives looking forward to a better future than worrying about what happened in the past.

If you are going through a divorce or considering getting a divorce please do not hesitate to contact us today so we can offer you advice on the next step and help you through this difficult process.