A legal representative means just that- someone you (or a court) has chosen to represent you. If you are in the process of looking for legal representation here are ten tips to help you find someone who will work for you.


1. Ask around

The chances are friends, family or people at work have used legal representatives in the past. Talk to them and who they would personally recommend (although talk to the firm as well to see if they are right for you, don’t just take their word for it!)


2. Don’t settle on one

If you are due in court then it is understandable that you are in a hurry to get this sorted out. However don’t just grab someone at random- it pays to look at who is available within your price range and decide whether or not they are best for you.


3. Look at their experience

Experience is a factor you need to look at when considering legal representation. There are several aspects to this- one would be how long they have studied and their qualifications. Another would be their background- how many cases have they worked? Do they have experience that is specific to your case? This is something you need to look at before making a decision.


4. Ask for references

As with any service your representative should have references that you can verify for yourself. In some cases this may be through specialist groups or through people who have used their services in the past.


5. Are they a specialist?

A specialist representative will have more in depth knowledge, be specifically trained in that field and have access to facilities another legal representative may not have.


6. Size matters

You don’t necessarily need a powerful law firm to take on a parking ticket case. However for bigger claims against a massive corporation you should look at someone who will be able to match up to their representatives. It may sound obvious but this can stop you wasting money or reducing your chances of getting a positive verdict.


7. Check the agreement

Make sure you know what you are paying for- for example in the case of a “no win no fee” claim be clear in the event of a positive verdict how much would be taken from any compensation you receive.


8. Go to the office

Have a look at the office of the firm who may represent you. Pay attention to how they respond to calls, how quickly they let you in and so forth. These may seem like little details but they should be willing to give you a good first impression!


9. Meet your representative

On the surface this sounds obvious- however how do you know that the person you are speaking to will be representing you? Make sure they are available and talk to them directly!


10. Trust your instinct

A representative could have all the qualifications, experience and specialisation you want. But something still nags at you- if you feel uncomfortable with their approach, don’t choose them as your representative!


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